Active algorithms, hybrid BCI, Scalability, Bandwith, and Future of non-invasive BCI headsets

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How to improve the scalability of Swarm robotics applications, Collective AI algorithms and hardware limits

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New Business applications combined with Brain-computer interface and Generative Adversarial networks

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Differences with Reinforcement Learning and non-exhaustive list of use cases

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The importance of learning human decision-making strategies

Introduction to Autonomous Economic Agent, Machine Learning and New Business Models in the Machine to Machine economy (M2M)

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How Machine Learning combined with Brain-computer interface can create new revenue streams

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Introduction to Homomorphic Encryption, use cases and impact on Machine Learning projects

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How AI DAO could help create fully autonomous stores and new business models

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Challenges of non-invasive commercial brain-computer interfaces and brain data

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Invasive vs Non-invasive BCIs

Understand decentralized artificial intelligence from a business perspective

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Alexandre Gonfalonieri

AI Consultant @Philips | I write about AI and BCI

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